Sale shopping: my secret weapon

Monday, February 6, 2017

I always get LOTS of questions about how I am able to find such good deals.  I honestly think it's an art that I have developed over time.  That being said I also use really handy little tools and keep track of sales to help me be on top of my sale game.

If you are the opposite of me and possibly don't have time to do all the leg work in finding the best deals, let me introduce you to your new best friend, Shop it to me.  This website/app has been a complete game changer for me.  Not only does it do all the work but it only sends me info and clothing I am interested, oh and did I mention you can customize it to send you only certain brands and your sizes!  It's like a specially hand selected sale just for me!

One of my FAVORITE features is that you can favorite items and it saves into a neat little organized folder.  So what I like to do is search through my sale list, favorite items I'm interested in, and then review all of them in my favorites section.  The other great thing about this is, lets say you like an item, but maybe it is still out of your budget, if for some reason that item has a price reduction they will send you a notification to let you know of the price drop!  WHHHAAATT!  I was able to score my 3.1 Phillip Lim bag at over 65% off because of this App!

I use both the mobile app and the web version for different reasons.  The app alerts me daily to new sales and will send notifications letting me know an item has dropped in price, I like that I can access that instantly because let me tell you if something is a good deal it will sell out!  The website is great because you can customize when you receive emails to your inbox of your sale items, I have found that this sometimes differed from the app so I have two places to look for deals!

The only downside to Shop it to me is that sometimes things sell out on the vendors website before it can update on Shop it to me, so there are times that you might be taken to an item that is sold out/not available in your size, or the sale price is not correct.  This happens to me quite a lot especially with super popular items and really good sales... but the deals I have found out weigh the issues!

If you are interested in joining click here, and feel free to like my FB page to stay updated on posts!

Happy Shopping and Monday

Amelia B.

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