Warm Cider and sweaters

Monday, October 27, 2014

This might be my new favorite sweater, and it will likely be a goto this winter.  I love the color, the fact that it looks layered and hangs down a little longer on me, oh and has sequins.  I really hate how some sweaters end up really boxy on me.  This one is oversized without making me look 20lbs heavier and still showing I have a figure under it.  I am now debating if I need it in the navy.... I am all about this sweater right now..haha.

For work I paired it with some blue ankle zip pants from loft to give it a more professional vibe, and because I cannot wear jeans to work.  After work I came home and threw on my favorite loft jeans.  Then Ryan and I headed to a bar in the Bishop Arts district to visit one of our favorite friends/bartender at this new cider bar Called the Bishop Cider Company.  I have been wanting to try this place for some time and we finally had a free weekend to explore Dallas.

The Bishop Cider Co was just as awesome as I thought it would be.  It is really small, but I think that is half of its charm.  They brew some of their own and sell some other cider brands.  I had to try some of their own.  I went with the Crackberry and the Suicider.  the Crackberry was really good hints of blackberry in it, and the Suicider was basically christmas in your mouth...Ryan had one that tasted like peach cobbler  OMG it was heaven!  I can't wait to go back and try more of their other flavors.  If you are looking for a change of pace in a Bar I totally recommend this one, its in the Bishop Arts District and there are some really cool other places in the area to try.  I think next time we will do dinner and explore.  I hope everyone has a FAB weekend!!

Outfit Deets:

Sweater: Zara
Jeans: Loft(old), similar
Shoes: Tory Burch (past season), Similar
Jewels: James Avery, Kendra Scott (similar), David Yurman, David Yurman, James Avery, James Avery
Bag: Phillip Lim (no longer Available), Similar

Love Always,
Amelia B.

Wedding Weekend

Monday, October 20, 2014


This weekend was my boyfriends childhood friends wedding.  We headed to Arkansas on Friday morning...and by Friday morning I mean we left Dallas at 3:30am.  It was a long drive but an entertaining one.

We arrived around 10, and sat around for a couple hours.  We were both hyped up on monster so our nap time ended up never happening.  Once a few other people showed up we all headed out to the cabins.  I was laughing because they said they were only about 20 miles away but it would take us over an hour to get there...now I know why.  The roads are so twist and turn every which direction, our turn off was barely visible from the road and was not much of a road to be honest.  At this point GPS was all we had.  We had to stop at least 4 times just to confirm we weren't about to show up at some peoples house and get welcomed with a shotgun greeting.  Finally we pull up to a beautiful cabin sitting on the calmest lake surrounded by tall green trees.

I was in heaven, the cabin was huge and so quaint all at the same time.  Friday night was the rehearsal dinner, I watched Ryan practice and then we ate.  After dinner we all hung around the camp fire and talked...the boys jumped in the pool (because they forgot to inform the wives/fiances/girlfriends to bring suits...I see what they were going for lol) and hung out until it got too chilly and they had to come in.  At this point I had to crash, little sleep and a few drinks did me in.

Saturday was the big day, we helped set up and I bonded with the girlfriends of the groomsmen.  It was nice to be able to talk and hang out with people while the boys were off doing there thing. I was super excited to wear my eliza J dress I got at Nordstrom, but super thankful I brought some flats.  Between the 100 stairs, and the steep, wet incline I would have never made it.  We had a great weekend among old and new friends, it was hard to make the 6 hour drive back home, but it was nice to sleep in our bed with the cute babies.  I totally regret not taking more photos, but the weekend went by too quickly as they always seem to do.

I hope you all had a great weekend and have an even better week.

Outfit Deets:
Dress: Eliza J (I got a petite so it would be a little shorter, just bump up a size)
Shoes: old navy (old), similarsimilar
Sweater: loft
earrings: target

Love Always Amelia

I'm a Maxxinista to the Max

Monday, October 6, 2014

Let's face it, I love designer fashion but I do not have the funds to support my high end taste.  I have over the years crafted a set of skills where I can literally spot designer finds at discount stores almost immediately.  I get told all the time that I have a 6th sense for sniffing out these amazing deals.  I would say it's more my love of shopping and making several trips to these stores that pays off.

This entire outfit (minus the kendra scott) I found at TJ MAXX, all on clearance.  I couldn't get over this AMAZING Nanette Lepore dress that I found at about 75% off.  I love the feminine lace mixed with bright Pink and purple.  I paired it with these glittered Kate Spade shoes that just so happened to match the Kate Spade bag that I found a few months prior.  I got this entire outfit for under what I would have paid for just one of these items full price!  Designer look for less!  My tip for shopping Marshalls, Last Call, TJ Maxx, etc is hit them often and if you see something you love you have to decide right then and there if its worth getting because chances are someone will find the deal as good as you do and snatch it up!

On a side note, I was just notified by TJMaxx that I won their weekly contest!  That means a $50.00 gift card straight into my wallet!!  I am so excited to have been selected out of all the entries, and I will immediately be picking out my next must have find ASAP!  So a HUGE thank you to TJMaxx for picking me as a winner!!

Outfit Deets:

Dress: Nanette Lepore, similar
Shoes: Kate Spade
Bag: Kate Spade (no longer available), similar
Necklace: Kendra Scott
Earrings: Kendra scott

Love Always,
Amelia B.