P R A D A, M A R F A

Friday, August 21, 2015

Since 2005 after reading an article in the Dallas Morning News about a new standalone art piece I
have had Marfa Texas on my radar. Unfortunately it is in the middle of nowhere and not remotely convenient for a road trip. 10 years later I am finally crossing it off my bucket list! My obsession with art and fashion made the Prada Marfa installment something I was dying to see, when I realized my parents lived only a few hours from it I knew that I would be dragging Ryan there so I could finally say that I was there.

Chenati Sculptures... see what I mean it's either beyond my comprehension or its the stuff you see at construction sites.

Loving the buildings!  

The drive was long but totally worth it, it never ceases to amaze me how diverse the Texas landscape can be, we went from farms and fields to rolling hills and mountains. Once we arrived we stopped at the Chenati Foundation as it was highly recommended…personally I wish we would have passed, the art was just a little lost on me. If I want to stare at aluminum boxes I will just go sit in my office at work! Once we finished there we headed into town to look around and do a little shopping. I was dying to go into cast & crew unfortunately it was closed; I guess I will just have to order my lucky horse shoe on line. We walked around a little and since it looked like a storm was rolling in we decided to head to the main attraction PRADA, Marfa! 
Pre photo shoot prep!

My brother is nailing this whole photography thing... this will be the closest thing to dancing for Ryan

They wouldn't let me in!

Trying to be fashionable

Y’all it was everything that I had hoped for, I don’t know why I loved it so much but the randomness of a single building filled with designer pieces on a lonely back road made my day and the perfect back drop for a photo shoot! Nothing like making your brother and boyfriend photograph you on the side of the road!

If I could do things over again I would definitely go on a Saturday, eat at one of the food trucks and stay the night so that I could see the Marfa lights. I’m dying to stay at El Cosmico or Hotel Paiisano (where the cast of the Movie Giant stayed). We will be making another trip back in the Fall so stay tuned for more travels and an update on how we did Marfa differently!

Amelia B.

P.S. I am taking Ryan to Medieval Times, he has never been and I cannot wait to have a cheesy entreating meal... maybe he will buy me a princess hat?! Happy Friday!
  1. Marfa is on my bucket-list, as well!! It looks like you had a great time!

    Something Gold, Something Blue

    1. It was a blast and you must go!! I would recommend going on a Sat. and staying the night so that you can see the marfa lights