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Monday, August 10, 2015

Today my day started like any other day… me snoozing the clock for another 30 min making me 30 min behind schedule before I even crawled out of bed. So dry shampoo and a quick rinse in the shower was all I had time for this morning. Not only was I running late, but I also had to herd 2 cats and a dog into my spare bedroom so that pest control could come in and spray. First of all does anyone have cats, and have you ever tried to MAKE them do something, it’s basically impossible?! On any other day the animals would be jumping at the chance to get into the spare room (no pets room), but not today. I’d catch one cat put her in, track down the other cat put him in and the other would run out. We played this game for about 10 minutes this morning… next it was Ava’s turn. I’m super glad that my little mud bucket decided to dig some new holes in my back yard. Luckily for me she was easy to wrangle into the spare room, she leapt up those white carpeted stairs leaving behind a nice black trail of baby ava tracks that I did not have time to clean up (can we say good bye pet deposit). As soon as I get her in the room two little rockets shot out the door, now I am back to catching cats again. So another minute was spent chasing and pleading with them to just go inside the room. Let’s just hope this isn’t a preview of what my week is going to be like!

I am sorry I don’t have a fashion related post to share today…I know a few of you read this for that only, so hopefully you don’t mind! This weekend was so mellow that I didn’t want to do anything but hang out with Ryan and friends, plus I was uninspired again and I would rather give you good posts vs. a "look at my crappy outfit" post. We ran a few errands on Saturday and spent the night making delicious margaritas and smoking another rack of ribs! I even tried making Queso Blanco, it’s not Mexican sugar quality but it was pretty darn close! Sunday I made an early morning target run, finished some necklaces and then we headed to the pool for a little SUNday Funday. After our pool time we headed to the Rustic to listen to Kyle Park and eat dinner! It was such a fun night I was sad that it had to come to an end.

I made Ryan take a picture of me in the DallasBIG sign… Get it Amelia B IN THE BIG D! You’re welcome for that little funny! Apparently I was the only one who thought that was really funny and ironic, oh well! I do have to give some props to my girl Jordan she marketed my necklace like she was pitching it to Shark Tank. It was such a humbling experience to see that other women loved my design as much as I do. It gave me such a confidence boost. I gave out almost every single one of my business cards I had on hand! I really hope that more and more people will rock my designs, it truly is a passion for me!

Some exciting news Ryan and I are taking a mini vacation this week! I am so ready that I can’t even stand it! So stay tuned and make sure you follow me on IG to see where we are going!
Hint: One of the places is a place in the middle of NO WHERE that I have been dying to visit since 2005!

Have a great week everyone and I hope you don’t have to herd any Cats!!

Amelia B.

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