About Me

Hi there!

Before I get around to talking about myself I want to say THANK YOU for stopping by my blog, I hope you stay awhile and feel free to connect with me, I love making new friends!

Now back to introductions: My Name is Amelia and I am the creative behind Amelia B. in the Big D. I decided to start this blog for two reasons: 1.) to share my love of fashion and DIYing, 2.) to document my journey of not shopping for the entire year in 2015! Yep you read that right NO NEW CLOTHES/SHOES/ACCESSORIES/BAGS, ETC. for an entire year (with a few exceptions that you can read about here)!

I currently live in the BIG D. (Dallas, TX) with my better half Ryan and 3 Fur Babies; Ava, Brazos, and Pedernales (Purdy for short).

Fashion has always been a big part of my life since I can remember, from trying to score the best deal to recreating a high-end outfit on a realistic budget. In my style I try to mix high-end and low end pieces to create fun feminine outfits, I also like to throw in the occasional DIY item.

I currently work in a marketing role for a company called Ultimate Living/Hard Night Good Morning, which is a health and wellness company that also has a fabulous natural skin care line created by Real Housewife of Dallas cast member D'Andra Simmons (I highly recommend the PM oil Cleanser and eye cream).

Again thank you for visiting my nook of the inter webs, I hope that you keep coming back and that I am able to share my passion with you!

Love Always,
Amelia B.

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