Texas Tulips

Monday, March 29, 2021

Amelia standing in a tulip field with a basket of freshly picked tulips

This weekend we ventured out to Pilot Point to see the infamous Texas Tulips, and to say I was a bit disappointed was an understatement.  Overall I had a wonderful time and the experience was what we made it, but if you are hoping for what these places are portraying online, or what these influencers are saying it is you are mistaken.  If you want to see the power of social media and how you should always do your own research just visit my two Tiktok posts to get an idea of how easy it is to spin something (influencer version, reality version).

If you are planning a trip to the tulip fields here are some tips:

1.) go early in the season
2.) try to go early in the day if going on the weekend or visit during the week (weekdays at off times are the best)
3.) visit their website to make sure they are not closing early (due to our bad winter storm the crop was affected and they closed early a few times)
4.) This is a great place for families, children can run around and pick flowers and its enclosed so no worries about kids running into traffic or the parking lot.
5.) If picking flowers pick tulips that are closed, trust me they will burst open the next day and last you a lot longer.

I personally think a visit to the Arboretum would be just as lovely if you wanted photos and not to pick so I think for me, that will be what we try next year!

Happy Monday all, I have linked my outfit details below if interested!

Outfit details:

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