Bring on the rain!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Well it looks like our forecast will be calling for rain all weekend long, but don't you worry because I have you covered with this super chic outfit that will have you skipping through puddles all weekend!
I will be honest while shooting these images my neighbor literally sat at his front porch and watched me with this bewildered look on his face.  He finally decided to ask me if I "was okay".  Whatever you have to do for the shot am I right?

I think the thing I am most obsessed with is this umbrella!  It is seriously one of my favorite rainy day pieces, I mean rain check?  how cheeky!  This has been my go to umbrella for the last two years, and YES it's still in stock!  Unfortunately my rain coat is sold out and from last year but I have linked some cute affordable ones below!

Have you jumped on the hunter boots bandwagon?  I have 3 pair I am so obsessed.  The key to finding them at a good deal is to check Nordstrom Rack and often!  Each pair that I have cost under $75.00 and let me tell you the hold up great!

the pink trim and bow details inside this coat are what sold me... and the fact it was 75% off plus another 25% off!

look at these bow pockets!

now I see why my neighbor was so concerned about me... I look crazy

Most of everything I am wearing is super old, but I have rounded up some of my favorite pieces that are sure to keep you stylish and dry during your next dreary storm day.  Happy Friday everyone, I hope you have the perfect weekend!

Amelia B.

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  1. You look so adorable! I just love seeing a beautiful woman wearing a gorgeous raincoat & wellies as they are meant to be the pouring rain!