Summer Dress Styled Two ways: Part 2

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

So what did you think of the first way I styled this dress?  Easy right!  Sometimes I think the challenge can be taking pieces that seem specific to one season and giving them longevity.  I love this
white lace dress but let's be honest, it screams summer or Easter brunch!  That is why I thought it the perfect piece to style for fall.

I wanted to edge up this dress so I added a leather jacket with gold hardware.  I have never owned a leather (faux) jacket before and I don't know how I've lived my life this long without one!  Just as I love a good print mix I love a good texture mix.  You have soft supple leather and edgy gold hardware mixed with delicate feminine lace.  I kept this naughty meets nice trend going with these leopard peep toe pumps with the stud hardware!

Y'all know I am not one to skimp on color so I added my bold pink bag with the large industrial hardware to sort of tie it all together.  I love the feel of it all, and once we get into our Texas winter I know this will be the perfect layered look for cocktails after work!

I have so great news coming soon that I cannot wait to share with you!  So make sure you check in to see the secret I have been keeping!

Amelia B.

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