James Avery- and why I love it!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

By now you should know my love of James Avery Craftsman.  I don't just post about it because I
work with them occasionally as an influencer, but because the brand truly means something to me.  I really love the back story, that James Avery himself started his company in a garage with roughly $250.00, and that today it is still a family owned business in the Hill Country of Texas (seriously the HQ is STUNNING).  As someone who loves designing and creating, his beginnings really resonate with me.

I can remember getting my first charm bracelet and a few charms when I was around 5 or 6.  That quickly turned into a fun Christmas tradition as I knew I would be getting a new charm come December.  Slowly I escalated to my first ring (the Spanish Swirl) and into dainty necklaces and earrings.  As I got older my collection grew.

My first charm bracelet, I think most of the charms are retired by now!

Fast forward to my college days out in Tyler, TX where my sorority sister helped me land my first college job at the Broadway Square Mall location.  It was such a perfect college job for me.  I got to work with customers, learn skills like polishing, soldering, and repairing jewelry, and discover my obsession with this southern brand.  My favorite part about working their (besides getting to hang with my best friends and the great discount) was getting to help design the layouts for all the displays.

Not only is the company faith based but a lot of their pieces have meaning.  One of my favorite stories I love to tell is about the day I was working in the back of the store soldering/cleaning charm bracelets, when this fully loaded bracelet came back with the most beautiful anchor charm on it.  I remember telling my manager about how James Avery should bring back that charm for me, when the customer came in.  I displayed her bracelet out and commented about how much I loved the anchor, and that the symbol had a lot of meaning to me.  We chatted a bit about anchors and how she got it (a gift from her sorority sister) when we realized we were both in the same sorority..  As I headed to the back to finish up all my cleanings, my manager came back with the anchor cut off from her bracelet.  I refused it at first because to me it was just too beautiful to let go, so I ran out to the floor to insist she keep it.  Her response to me was so meaningful, her DG sister gave it to her and now she was passing it on to anther DG sister to live out a new journey.  To this day that charm is still one of my favorite pieces to wear and I love both its personal and spiritual meaning.  I hope to one day pass it on to another DG and keep the journey alive.

The anchor pendant I was given, still one of my favorites.

So yes you may have seen me represent this brand in the past, but it is because I love it.  Just last week I was in there getting a few pieces cleaned (for FREE) and picking up a sweet little gift for a friend.  Y'all their state of Texas items are AMAZING!

If you haven't checked them out I encourage you too.  They have something for everyone, and not everything is religious if that isn't your thing. They even offer great exchange programs, for instance if you lose an earring, you can return the 1 earring you have and receive 50% off a new pair of the same style.  Their customer service is truly top notch!

Before I end I do want to say thank you to James Avery and their marketing team for working with me over the past year.  I have loved all the collaborations and I cannot wait to see what new products come out over the next few seasons!

Happy Wednesday!!
Amelia B.

*Some of the jewelry in this post was C/O James Avery.  All views and opinions are my own!  

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