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Thursday, March 4, 2021


Amelia sitting in front of a mural of a mouth with a pill on the tongue

It has been a hot minute since I have blogged here... A lot has changed I feel like, but given everything that has transpired since my last post I can fully say I am in a good spot.  I am sure a lot of you noticed some changes.  Social media makes it easy to show the glamours side of things and it allows me to only show a small snapshot of my real life.

There were ups and downs over the last several years, I stepped away from my engagement, changed jobs, lost my cat Purdy, met a terrible person I thought was worthy of dating, and well... COVID.  I think the silver lining for me in 2020 was ending a TOXIC and I mean TOXIC relationship.  It has taken me a full year to sift through the damage that this person caused me and to piece myself back together, but I can 100% say I feel better than ever (disclaimer: the toxic relationship wasn't my ex fianc√©). 

I have always viewed myself as a strong person who doesn't put up with SH*T.  Sadly I realize how easy it was for another person to widdle me down to the point I didn't recognize myself.  It kills me to look back at the relationship and see what things I would tolerate, and how I didn't feel I deserved even the basic respect of another person.  Through all the pain and questioning why I wasn't enough, I realized I was asking the wrong questions, and that I was slowly letting my goals and dreams fall to the way side all because I didn't want to admit my failure or let go of something that was clearly tearing me apart. 

In early 2020 I changed jobs into a new field, I began focusing on my new career and found a home in my new work family. I focused on rebuilding the friendships and relationships that I abandoned due to my former relationship, and most importantly I focused on me.  Through all of this I found a fun community on TikTok (Amelia_blake) and began a new side project called Dive Bars to Five Stars- that is all about my favorite places and spaces in DFW.  So check me out, I would love the support.  But I also started journaling which allowed me to grieve my pain and heal.

So what now...?   Great question, I truly do not know, but my goal is to revamp this blog and get back into the groove of posting what I know best, clothes and sales!  So if you've made it this far, I hope you'll stay along for the ride!



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