A Year without Shopping

Monday, December 22, 2014

Yes you read right, a year, that is 365 days without buying clothes, shoes or accessories, NO SHOPPING.  May the good Lord help me.

I have decided to jump on this trend for several reasons.  The main one is that I want to prove to myself that I can do this, that I don't always have to go running to the mall every time I have a new event pop up on my calendar or buy something just because it's trendy.  I use shopping as a crutch, a way to feel better about something, maybe it's a bad day at work or to reward myself for doing something good.  I get instant gratification from scoring an awesome find or good deal, which can be dangerous if you continue the habit.  I have taken a good hard look at where I am financially and I am not happy with the end result.  My savings are not where they could be and even though I have 3 huge closets full of beautiful clothes, what will that get me.  Can I use them as a down payment on a house, to travel somewhere fun, plan a wedding (if I get engaged that is), etc.  No they cannot, they cannot help me in my career unless I am making a career change then maybe, but what I am getting at is it is time for me to grow up and start being an adult and that means making drastic decisions to get to my end goal.

What sparked the decision:
The other day I was looking for a sequin dress to wear to a friends birthday outing.  I had to have something new..which looking back wasn't necessarily true.  Her theme was sequins and sparkle so I searched everywhere for something.  I settled on this pretty Forever 21 dress, now I got it 20% off and an additional 10.00 off  making it around $17.00 so not a major splurge, but after I got home I wasn't 100% sure.  Then I found this gorgeous rose colored sequin midi dress from French connection at TJ Maxx for 49.99 original price $448.00, and I had a gift card for 50.00 that I won from this instagram post... so it still didn't cost me anything.  But when I got home I looked through my dress closet to see that I had a beautiful Anthropologie sequin top dress with tags on it still, a sequin romper with tags, and a few other sequin dresses...so you get where I am at, I didn't need another one.  That got me thinking that I have so many things in my closet I have worn once or haven't at all.  So I decided on December 4, 2014 I would not shop for a year.  Part of me wishes I would have prepared for this and let myself have till the end of December but then again I think going cold turkey is the best for me...well with a few exceptions.  I can use gift cards that are given to me, I can buy for others such as holiday gifts, and if something needs replacing then I can replace it, but it has to be in bad shape.  I am making Ryan keep me honest, so he has to OK the replacement.  There is one last exception I have granted myself and that is a Dress or outfit for my Birthday, because this will be the big 3-0!  And I know what I want to wear for it, so I will watch it like a hawk and if it goes on sale maybe a special someone will buy it as a b-day gift..hint hint.  I really don't want to shop so I am going to try not to buy it myself but I am throwing that exception in, maybe its cheating maybe not but I am letting everyone know upfront..if you want to keep me honest (gift cards to Anthro please..haha JK, no but seriously)!

I plan to blog my journey and post my creative outfits that I come up with out of my own closet, and clothes I make.  I have an entire closet full of beautiful fabrics that I have never made anything out of so maybe this challenge with spark the creative in me.  What I find funny is that I am only 3 weeks in but I have seen a major difference.  For example my 2nd to last pay check of the year is much lighter than all my others because I have to pay taxes on my company car and it all comes out of one check!  Its a big deduction and right around the holidays when I could use a little extra cash.  Last year I was really hurting, but this year with not buying extra things for myself I have some extra funds left over and it feels so nice!  A little extra cushion for my savings and an added payment to my credit card!

I have seen several women do this and I was most inspired by an article I read on Yahoo, about a woman who's debt and shopping was getting out of control.  As I read her story I couldn't help but feel how easily she got to her worst, and how easy it could be me.  Ryan has been a huge factor, I want to start out together on the right foot and for me that is getting in the best financial shape I can.  Paying off debts getting the best credit possible and creating a cushy savings account for what have you.  This is only a small step in the right direction but I am really looking forward to this new year of not shopping!
I know I will need tons of support and prayers!  Has anyone else done this no shop thing?  Any advice, tricks, tips?

Love Always,
Amelia B.

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