Designer inspired Lucite clutch

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Kate Spade clutch
Designer Inspired Bag- Kate Spade NY

DIY version of the Kate Spade Bag

It is almost the New Year and I was so inspired by this gorgeous Kate Spade Clutch that I had to find a way to recreate it, without spending a lot of money!  Since I had a little bit left on my Hobby lobby gift card I figured this would be a perfect project!  So here is my DIY!

What you need:
2 5x7" acrylic frames (or the size you want for your clutch)
1 set of hinges(mine are from Michaels 1.99, and half off)
1 clasp (from Hobby Lobby 1.99 for 2-3)
1 drawer pull (optional) (hobby lobby 5.99 and half off)
glitter Paper (from any craft store)
sticker Letters (similar)
hot glue gun
small screw driver
dremmel (optional)
modpodge (optional)
Spray paint in a metallic finish (optional)

Also note that with all items on sale this costs under 15.00 to make!!!  such a steal compared to the real deal!

Step 1
Make sure you have all your materials.  I spray painted all my hardware so that it would be the same color but this is totally optional.  Mine were different colors.  Next open the frames and remove the cardboard insert, discard, but make sure you save the inside picture to use as a template for the interior lining of glitter paper.

Step 2
Using the fake photo that came in the frame as a template trace out your lining paper, measure all the sides and cut those out. note: i did this step last but should have done it second.  You can do this step a few ways coat the interior with modpodge and secure the lining to the inside of the box, making sure the design is facing the frame so you can see it.  I just glued the corners of my box to hold the paper in place creating a seam and its worked well so far.
fake photo and the paper I wanted to line my clutch with

trace the photo insert

Step 3
Take the hinges and line them up on the bottom of your boxes.  Once in the desired location mark the screw holes with a sharpie so you know where to drill them.

Step 4
Drill the holes with a drill to the appropriate size.  This will depend on how large your screws are, you will also want to be careful not to crack the frames as they are pretty thin.

I made Ryan drill the holes

Step 5
once the holes are in start to screw in the screws to attach the hinge.  I did one side at a time and had to re drill a few holes since they didn't line up perfect.  Once finished with one side move on to the next side so that the two frames end up being held together by the hinge.

I forgot to photograph this step, but here is the same step but applied to the clasp for the top

Step 6
Next I measured the top of my box and found the middle.  marked it with a small dot and placed the clasp in my desired location.  Once in place I took my sharpie and marked the holes.  I drilled the holes with a drill just like in the previous step, and attached the screws.  Once I got one side done, I realigned it so that it matched up with the other part of the clasp, marked the holes, drilled, and attached the screws making sure the clasp was secured.  I played around with the clasp to ensure it would open and close properly.

Step 7
Drill a hole on one side of the top, I centered mine with the clasp and attached the knob.  My nob came with a washer that made attaching it pretty easy.

Forgot to photograph this step as well, but here is the clutch without any of the paper lining if you like just the lucite look, also you can see the screws that have yet to be trimmed in step 8

Step 8
Once finished you have your clutch, since my screws were protruding on the inside a bit I used a dremmel to cut them down, another option would be to line your box with felt or cover the screws with a dollop of hot glue to cover the sharp points, and add some additional security.

Step 9
Add your stickers to the outside and you are done!

- You can also leave the clutch clear for a more modern look, or attach a strap for a cross body.
Let me know if you have any questions/comments.  In all it took me about 2 hours between the painting and drilling, and I just love the result.  Cant wait to show more pics from New Year's Eve!!

Love Always,
Amelia B.

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