winter layers

Sunday, November 16, 2014

winter layers

winter layers by ameliablake featuring skinny leg jeans

As the temperatures drop my closet gets an overhaul.  I love layering and have found that my creativity blossoms more in the cooler months.  I have been coveting a few things for Christmas, some I have hinted at like bean boots in a size AA 7 8in blue, and anything buffalo this amazing vest!!  And then some I couldn't wait until Christmas to have like this plaid blanket scarf.  If you haven't jumped on this trend yet shame on you!!  I love them and want to wear one every day...I actually probably could wear one every day of the week with how many I own!  I find Zara's are the best, but there are several retailers that have really nice ones that aren't as expensive or hard to get, because if you want one from Zara and it is available you better get it, chances are it will sell out fast.

Here is a weird fact about me...I love socks, patterned socks, toe socks, etc.  I really don't like to wear socks, probably because most of my shoes are heels and flats that don't require them, but I love how so many women have been pairing cute patterned socks with the bean boots and jeans!  I love the look, I know it doesn't get near as cold here in Texas as it does up north but when we get our one snow of the year I will totally be prepared...that is if a certain someone got my hint on the  I am working on my Christmas shopping early trying to get it done over a few months and to beat the last minute shoppers, but my better half is always so hard to shop for.  He always wants practical gifts and I just feel bad buying him clothes and necessities....this year I have made some good mental notes of stuff to get him and I think he will be pleasantly surprised!

What is on your Christmas list?
Love Amelia B.

J crew vest

Brooks Brothers navy socks


Zara scarve

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