Part 2: The Little Black Jeans

Friday, February 24, 2017

Since fashion is a form of non-verbal communication, I like to say what I mean and mean what I say. With that being said, I like to wear what I want how I want. I’m elated that Amelia chose me to collaborate with her on this post because jeans are one of my favorite articles of clothing to wear. They are a classic and there are many different ways you can wear them to show your personal style.

My personal style is edgy, sexy and sophisticated. I am also known to go into high fashion moments unexpectedly to spice things up a bit, so YES Amelia is correct! I wore two skirts in one outfit! I like to freely express myself with confidence and fashion allows me to do just that.

Finding the “perfect” jeans is difficult, but when you do you want to be able to create different looks so that you can wear them often. For my look, I chose to dress the jeans up with heels, but pair them down with a charcoal bodysuit and a white leather jacket. This look is perfect for a girl’s night out! I can easily transform this outfit to a daytime look by losing the jacket and throwing on a pair of ballet flats or sneakers. I love for my style to look effortless and well put together. I love black and I love jeans! What more could a girl ask for? The truth is in the jeans!

To see more of my style follow me on instagram @lataricar. I am also a designer, so follow my business page @boutiqueleay to keep up with the latest.

Cheers to the perfect jeans and looking fabulous!

Because you have to have at least one outtake!  



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