Weekend recap on Wednesday!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Today's post is a quick little weekend recap because it was just too AMAZING to not share, and its filled with good food recommendations!  My BFF drove up from Houston on Friday and after a brief time shopping at my work we ended up on a beautiful Spanish influenced patio for margaritas and queso.  If you are a Mexican food lover you MUST check out Meso Maya.  We went to their down town location because it was the perfect meeting place for the girls, about halfway for all of us!  I am obsessed with their patio, its like you are in a small Spanish courtyard perfect for date night or drinks with the ladies.  All of their cocktails are hand crafted in their kitchen- the swirl and avocado margarita are on my favorites list.  Now, the food is also DELICIOUS, it was so hard for me to choose but I ended up splitting the Mole enchiladas with my girl Kristina for the perfect amount of food.
Can we talk about these margaritas?!

The night was still young after dinner so we grabbed a few drinks on the patio of the Happiest Hour!  If you want a fabulous view of the Dallas skyline head up to the rooftop bar for a refreshing craft beer and a view to blow you away.  But get there early or you might have to fight the crowds.  I love the atmosphere and diversity of the crowed... even if I did feel a little humbly dressed in an off the shoulder gingham midi dress!  The guys even joined us for a drink, and can I say their beer selection is off the chain!
The Happiest Hour really is a Happy Place!  Perfect for selfies.

Saturday morning we took a walk to Rusty Taco for some more tacos, because in Texas no two taco joints are the same!  After that we headed to the craft store for some supplies to make necklaces and hats, I mean what is a girls weekend without some crafts and girl talk?  After an eventful day of crafting we decided to keep with the chill them and grill out.  We watched a few YouTube tutorials on beauty and make up trends.
Hats and Hats

My pink peonies necklace that will be on sale soon!  If you are interested please let me know and I can set up pre-orders!

Best friends

Sunday was time for my bestie to leave, but not without grabbing a little grub from my new favorite brunch spot Chicken Scratch.  I had a Hillbilly Slurpee to wash down my chicken and waffles because any drink that contains "freedom" has to be good right (no actually it doesn't- apparently I do not like Kentucky whiskey)?  If you live in or visit Dallas I urge you to visit, this place will leave you 10 pounds heavier but also with a super happy tummy!  I haven't had a thing there I haven't LOVED.  I strongly recommend the Coconut Chicken and Waffles- SO DANG GOOD!  The atmosphere is also super cute, you almost feel like you are out in the country not Dallas!

Whiskey + Coke + Freedom

Ya'll this is what heaven is made of!

Happy Hump day!

Amelia B.

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