Did someone say Fiesta?

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Living in Texas Cinco De Mayo is a pretty big DEAL-or maybe it's like that everywhere?!  It is a great excuse to consume margaritas and tacos (my two favorite things in life).  In honor of the 5th I
decided to post a fun fiesta inspired outfit.

I do have to confess that this dress might have been worn two days in a row...Ooops!  But hey I wore it to dinner with friends and well they left for California the next day so I figured my outfit repeat was safe!

What first drew me to this dress was the mixing of patterns.  Then upon closer inspection I felt how soft and comfortable the fabric was and knew it had to be mine.  I have really been digging H&M's spring/summer looks.  Maybe it's that boho in me!

For a dinner and drinks look I decided to keep my accessories simple.  I added my MUST HAVE Ada belt to cinch in my waist, but also to make sure my ladies stayed in place...Since this dress is a little tricky to wear with a bra I had to skip that part and hope to the good Lord that I wouldn't have any wardrobe malfunctions (I succeeded no one was flashed)!  I finished with a simple gold pair of dangle earrings and black sandals.

As I was dancing around in my house I realized that the dress reminded me of those spanish dresses the women wear when they are dancing and that instantly sparked a thought that this could be a great Cinco De Mayo option!  It has flair and style while being super comfortable, plus it allows plenty of room for Tacos and Margaritas.  I don't yet know what our plans are, but at least my outfit will be on point!

// Dress: H&M (no longer available), love this one // Earrings: Kendra Scott // Belt: Ada (on SALE) //

Happy Wednesday everyone, Do any of you have fun plans for CDM?

Amelia B.

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