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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Happy Monday!

Well, it has been awhile since I have really posted, but I wanted to have an honest post as to why.  If you have followed me for a while then you know that a few months ago I took a leap of faith and left my corporate job for a position in fashion.  I was so excited to have found my dream job and get to dive head first into my passion that I was willing to risk it all.  Unfortunately turns out it wasn't quite the dream job I thought it was.  After several months with the company it turned out I wasn't a good fit for the company and they weren't a good fit for me.

I will be honest I was really upset and just down on myself because I gave 100% of myself and I sort of felt bad that my talents weren't noticed or able to shine through.  That being said I made some amazing friends and learned a whole HELL of a lot about failure and what it takes to run your own business, don't they always say you learn the most from your failures?  I am thankful for my time there and I will miss my co-workers and the clients who's lives I was able to touch and befriend, if any of you read this feel free to hit me up for advice in fashion or if you still would like to be personally styled I can totally do that on the side for you.  But at the end of the day I know God put that place in my life for a reason and after a few weeks of thinking on it, I am still happy I took the risk even if it didn't pan out like I had hoped- I feel like a stronger and wiser person because of it.

Now Fast forward to today and I am happily working for a super cute online retailer called Liz and Honey.  If you haven't heard of them let me share a little bit, the company was founded by 3 sisters and they aim to offer trendy clothing at affordable prices.  I love the sense of family and community as well as working for a small company that is going places.  Check out their website here to see some of their cute clothes, and if you are in Dallas you can stop in!  In the short time I have been there I have already been able to share my ideas and past experience to hopefully benefit them, and I really feel valued which is probably one of the best feelings.

It's really funny how things can change you, when I first joined the fashion world I started to lose myself and who I was (fashion wise), I felt like I was starting to have an identity crisis.  I got to the point I really didn't want to blog anymore, or even share my fashion with the social world.  I thought that I would really get inspired in the fashion world and would dominate, but the opposite happened.

Now that I have had some time to reflect I think I have found my voice again and I hope to start diving back into the blogging world.  I have some fun new and exciting things for the blog, so I wanted to start with this very open post.  I hope you will stay tuned and remember that you can get through the rough patches, it will past and something even better will await you!

For now I will leave you with some fun pics of clothing from liz and honey.  Follow them on Facebook, Instagram, or sign up for their emails to receive notifications of the current trends and inventory!  Use code Amelia10 for 10% off your first order!!

Amelia B.

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