DIY Kate Spade Inspired Earrings

Monday, March 2, 2015

Like every glitter loving girl out there I was obsessed with these Kate Spade earrings when I first laid eyes on them. Unfortunately they sold out so I had to get over that pretty quickly. Then Blogger The Thrifty Pineapple posted her DIY pair! I was sold, and instantly in love. I raced over to her blog to see her DIY and what all I needed to make my own pair. Most of the items I had (glitter nail polish, top coat) all I needed to purchase was the earrings. And it just so happened that a few weeks ago I did a test drive thing with Ford and they gave me a free $10.00 visa gift card, I knew I saved it for a reason.
Now I followed Thrifty Pineapples DIY for my first pair, however I was not satisfied with my outcome. Maybe because my glitter polish didn’t look like the glitter on the KS earrings. That’s when I decided to add my own spin to the DIY. I found the most amazing packet of glitter from Michael’s (1.50 with coupon) that had little individual packets of colored glitter. I knew I could use that and my own method to create the perfect pair of dupe earrings for a better price. Below is my own method of the DIY Kate Spade earrings, it is super easy and a tad bit messy but the outcome is worth it!

What you need:

Earrings ($2.99 from Walmart)
Glitter (Michael’s) (3.99)(use coupon to get these for $2.00)
Mod Podge or clear top coat polish (7.99, 1.29) (use coupon for the modpodge, $4.00)
Clear top coat (1.29)
Paint brushes (2.99)(use coupon $1.79)
Plate or bowl to mix glitter (I used a paint tray found at Michaels for $.99, but you could use a paper plate or whatever you have on hand)

Step 1
Pick the glitter colors you want to use and begin to pour them onto your tray (I used, pink, teal, orange, gold, and silver. I cut small holes in the bags and just poured in a little at a time stirring until I achieved my desired mixture.

Step 2
Coat the top of the earring with modpodge or your top coat ( I think most of us have a clear nail polish at home). Make sure it isn’t too thick but you want to ensure that the earring is covered enough so the glitter will stick.
Step 3
Apply the glitter mixture. I used a dry paint brush to pick up the loose glitter and then deposit it onto the tacky glue on the earring. Just continue this until you achieve your desired coverage.
I applied one coat, then went back and filled in any holes. You could also try dipping the earring into the glitter or pouring it onto the earring. I think any method would work I just didn’t want to make a mess at my besties house!

Step 4
Allow the glitter/modpodge to dry on the earring, 20-30 min. For faster drying time use a hair dryer on a low heat setting.
Step 5
Apply a generous amount of the top coat/modpodge to seal in the glitter and give a smooth look. I applied 2 coats to my earrings. That way you get the illusion that these are the acrylic stones with glitter mixed in.
Step 6
Rock them like nobody’s business! I keep getting compliments on mine and have had people tell me how lucky I am that I scored the KS earrings…imagine their shock when I tell them they are a DIY.
You can also make these in other colors, gold, silver, etc. Have fun with it! I cannot wait to see what you come up with!

Amelia B.

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