stripes and spring

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

//Dress: Jessica Simpson // Shoes: Joie // Sweater: Banana Republic // Necklace: DIY // Earrings: Kate Spdae, watch: Michael Kors, Rings: Coach//
Have you ever had a day where things just couldn’t go right?  That was me today.  First I woke up late (not that that’s a surprise) then I dropped lotion on my dress, nothing like a nice stain across the front of your dress to start your work day off right.  Surprisingly I got to work on time so I was immediately able to start my day.  After a few calls, and emails I headed to the kitchen for some caffeine, that’s when my coworker was like “is your sweater on backwards?”  Yep it sure was, instantly my mind went to how many people realized that it was inside out… And didn’t tell me, WTF?  So after my embarrassment/sweater fixing I got back to work, only to realize after an entire morning of hard work I had to redo my bid for a target account because it was missing part of the quote, Awesome!
Thankfully lunch was right around the corner and a much needed break from my hectic work schedule.  It was so pretty outside that Ryan and I had lunch on the patio of Whole Foods, sometimes something as simple as that can put me right back on track. 
So minus the inside out sweater (I mean seriously how did I do that and not notice for like 2 hours, especially when it had pockets) dress stain, and my mini flashing incident in the whole foods parking lot to a few innocent bystanders my outfit was a success.  I am obsessed with this dress…so much so that I have it in 3 versions the one pictured, a ball gown, and strapless version.  I scored this baby last year at Nordstrom’s on mega clearance!!  What isn’t to love, chevron and twirl worthy!  I added a little pop of fuchsia here and there and topped it off with my DIY Druzy necklace for a fun affordable outfit, perfect for this warm spring day! Here’s to hoping you have a much better day than I did!

Amelia B,

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