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Monday, March 16, 2015

I have been searching for a way to recover one of Ryan's old pillows he had from college (you know the one that comes with the 5 piece comforter set).  Since it was a 20x20 I knew it would be easy to cover.  I hopped on over to Etsy for a cute cover but they were really expensive $25.00-45.00 for a simple cover.  That got me thinking that I could easily make one myself.

So earlier this week I made an Ikea trip to pick up some frames for my gallery wall.  As I navigated the store I saw the cutest pillow cases for $5.00 and instantly I knew one of these would be coming home with me. Since my room is full of color, I opted for the black and white striped one but there were several options if this won't fit your decor.  I knew my gold Texas would look perfect on it!  I personally love the way it turned out, and the actual project cost under $15.00 and took less than 30min to complete a super easy and inexpensive way to spruce up your home!

What you need:

20 x 20 Pillow (I had mine, but this Ikea one is $3.00)
Pillow case
Iron on appliqué Similar (I got mine at Joann's for 1/2 off, however that sale has expired I linked a similar one)
Printable (Texas)
Iron/Ironing Board

Step 1
Choose your appliqué shape.  I choose Texas since that is where I live and where Ryan and I met.  Here is the free printable I found online, but you can use whatever you like.  Once chosen print it out to your desired size (mine is 12"x12") and cut it out.

Step 2
Now that you have your template, place it on your Iron on appliqué.  Make sure that the glitter side is facing down and that you flip your template over so that when you trace it the right side will be facing out.  See Below image.  Trace the template and cut it out.

Step 4
Iron out your pillow case, getting any creases or wrinkles out.

Step 5
Remove the film from the appliqué and lay the appliqué onto your pillow case in the desired location.  Once in place follow the directions on the package and iron it on.  After I ironed on mine I opened the pillow case and ironed the inside to ensure that the appliqué was secured.

Step 6
Slip in your pillow and you are finished!
Amelia B.

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