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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

This icy cold weather has me dreaming of a vacation to anywhere but here! I have been so bogged down with work these past few weeks preparing for contract season that I might not even make it through the first month of contract negotiations. The long hours at work, late nights drafting contracts, early morning phone calls to Taiwan, and no end in sight from March to the end of May has me wishing for a getaway. Most days I love what I do, but during our busy time I am working around the clock and getting pulled in every direction from my customers to my bosses. I think the thing that bugs me the most is that my birthday falls within the busy time so a fun vacation or getaway is usually out of the question unless it’s local or within a few hours’ drive.

This is where the Thrive Blog conference comes in. Thrive is a conference for Bloggers in Houston and they have teamed up with the Hyatt Place in the Woodlands to give away a night’s stay! I always hate to say that I deserve to win, because in the back of my mind I know there is probably someone who really does deserve it more than me. But I would love the chance to win so instead of saying I deserve to win let me explain why I want to win!
photo from Thrive Blogs Facebook page

Photo from Hyatt's web page

Kristina and I on a shopping trip in Houston!

First off my 30th birthday is in April…the BIG 3-0! I have a hard time getting away from my job so a mini getaway in the Woodlands would be the perfect solution! I just love the area; all the shopping (window shopping in my case), food, and entertainment. There is plenty to keep me busy!

Second my BFF Kristina lives just outside of the Woodlands…as in maybe 10 min away. I would love an excuse to come down and see her and her husband. They are one of my favorite couples and she has been a bestie since college and our days working at James Avery! Since we live in different cities we just don’t get to see each other as much as we did when we were in college!

Third I would really love the opportunity to surprise my better half with a getaway. He really does so much for me and I always feel like he tries to go out of his way to do things for me to make my life easier. This would be the perfect opportunity to steal him away from the Big D and have some fun in a city we love with people we love spending time with. And it would totally catch him off guard! He has been the one behind me telling me to take a leap of faith and attend a blog conference so that I can learn more and make new blog friends!! Having a personal cheerleader has been one of the greatest things as I start taking on the blogging world!

The love of my life at Margarita Ball

Whether I win or not, I am absolutely looking forward to a blogger filled weekend with my best friend! I am nervous, excited, eager to learn, and praying that the snow will not happen on Friday so I can safely make it out of Dallas into Houston! So cross your fingers I win and that the snow goes away for safe travels.

Happy Wednesday All

Amelia B.
  1. Holy Batman at your dress in the last picture! Gorgeous!

    Good luck winning the tickets Amelia!

    1. thank you! It was great meeting you this weekend!!!

  2. You're so sweet! You know I'm all for any excuse for you to come down and visit as well :) and you and Ryan are one of my fav couples too!