I almost Failed (update on the NO Shopping)

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

party dresses

 Above is my 30th Birthday inspiration...I know I still have time to think about it but this leads me into my almost OOPS moment.

So this past weekend I almost broke the no shopping challenge. My bestie was in town and we decided to hit up Ulta for some makeup essentials (don’t worry I only got replacement face wash and my Urban decay spray). We were walking around the shops and I had the brilliant idea of running into Dillard’s, as said perfectly by Vivian from the movie Pretty Woman “Big Mistake. Big. Huge!”

I wanted to see the current Eliza J Dresses or “old Lady dresses” according to the sales associate, and after walking finding none we stumbled upon a blush feathered dress on clearance, so perfect for a birthday dress! Then this gorgeous lace dress with a feather and floral trim. I wasn’t sold on either but they were both interesting enough to catch my attention, and being in a store for the first time in months I figured What’s the harm in playing dress up, right?

Luckily the feather dress was cute but not something I couldn’t live without. However, that Lace number stole my heart! It was sophisticated but fun perfect for a 30th Birthday. I wanted to buy it right then and there, but my conscience got the best of me and I put it on hold for the day. If I was about to break the “challenge” I needed to really think about it and why I was de-committing. Technically I can buy a dress for my Birthday, but what you don’t know is that I bought that one from Anthro a few weeks ago. My aunt got me a gift card and my favorite dress went on mega clearance (as in 25% off the already 65% with free shipping). So in my mind I fulfilled my B-day buying.

That night I thought about it…A LOT! I tried to justify it, how could I skirt the rules and get it. But then I decided that I had to let it go. There will be many items over the next few months that I will have to give up. I learned a real big lesson that day. If you avoid the temptation it is a lot easier to reach your goals. Being able to overcome the temptation also made me feel really good about my decision a few days later. I have been avoiding stores and online retailers to eliminate the urge to shop and using my time to do other things, like sew,, explore Dallas, or spend time with Ryan!

As of today I still want the dress and have been hinting at it, I mean Valentine ’s Day is approaching, haha! But if I do not get it, I will survive; another something will come along that I will think I can’t live without but will have to pass on so I better get used to it.

Love Always,

Amelia B.

PS On a side note what do you think of the new blog design???  Still working on making it mine but I just love it!!

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