Day 4: Fancy in Floral

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

I love when a dress has a good story behind it, and this little floral beauty is a good 2-3 years old with the tags still on it!  After seeing this dress on a few bloggers I love and ASOS I just had to have it, problem was it was sold out everywhere!  So when I finally found it in stock and on sale I had to order it.  Because I was so excited I decided to order the only size they had left, a 12.  I figured I could just tailor it to fit, at the time I was a size 10 so figured I could get away with it.  Little did I know it was european sizes so when it arrived that size 12 was closer to a small US 8, which I was not!  I was so dissapointed that my dream dress didnt fit but the unrealistic goal setter in me had me determined to get healthy and fit into it by summer.  I guess I should have specified a little more that by summer I wasnt meaning the summer of 2018!

I have been on a health kick this year to get fit for the wedding and with a proper diet and moderate exercise the weight has steadily been coming off!  As I purged all the old clothes from my closet I decided to give this one a go before it went to the resell pile, and man did it fit like a glove!  I think I wore it around the house for a good 3 hours before cutting the tags off!

I think this look is the perfect outfit for a spring or summer wedding, it would also be good if you had a fun event since the dress has a fun fit and pattern.  Since this dress is a major statement piece I decided to pair it with simple nude heels and my trusty Tory Bag.  You could easily swap the shoulder bag for a cute clutch if you were looking for a more formal look.

I have linked this exact dress as well as a similar one in the exact print that is a little bit more budget friendly.  I have only ordered from that company once and my advice read the reviews and size chart. If you are still on the fence size up!

Outfit Details:
// Dress on sale for $75.00), same print Under $60.00 // Shoes (in nude) // Purse //

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