Day 11: Memories Made

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

I have probably overshared this particular dress but it has so much meaning to me and is seriously one of the prettiest dresses I own.  I really love all the detail and color that is in this dress.  I stalked it online for almost two months before purchasing it, and let me just say that it is still one of the best purchases I have made and will forever hold a special place in my heart since this is the dress I wore when I got engaged.

The reason I chose to share this dress today is because I think sometimes a splurge is worth it if it's something you will wear over and over.  This dress for me is such an easy piece to layer for cooler temperatures or dress up with heels for a date night look.  I also found a super similar version on SALE!  And if you aren't up to purchasing a dress of this price, check it out on rent the runway!

I hope you enjoy the images from our visit to the Color Factory in San Francisco.  This was seriously one of the best trips of my entire life and one I will never ever forget!

Outfit details

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