Print Mixing 101

Monday, March 12, 2018

One of the things I get asked most is how to mix prints and not look like a hot mess.  This has always been something that is key to my personal style.  Prints can definitely be intimidating, but there are so many fun and easy ways to incorporate it into your wardrobe.  I am going to break it down into 5 easy tips below to help you get on your way to being a master of the print mix.

1.) Start small.  My biggest advice, in the beginning, is to start off by adding printed accessories into the mix.  For instance, if you are wearing a patterned dress, top, bottoms try adding a printed belt, shoe or bag to add some added interest to your look.  In the look below I add a printed bag to work
with my striped shirt.

2.) Leopard is a neutral.  We have all seen the memes where leopard print is a neutral, well I always treat it as such!  One of the easiest ways to me to print mix is to add a leopard accessory.  Like in this photo I added an oversized faux fur coat to an already busy outfit.  The reason this look works so well is that the outfit is balanced, print on top and bottom but there is enough simplicity in the blouse and bag to not make your eyes go crazy when looking at it!  Also notice how the accessories tie in all the colors (bag=skirt, shoes=jacket)

3.) Stripes and polka dots go with everything.  Another fun and easy way to print mix is by adding a stripe or polka dot item to your look.  Pick a stripe or polka dot that is in the same color palate as the print you are mixing it with.  For instance, in both these dresses (already print mixed for you) the stripe/polka dot is in a color that is also in the floral print.  My striped top is in a dark navy and cream. Both those colors can be found in the skirt of my dress, again tying it all together.  In my friends dress the navy polka dot overlay pulls out the dark colors of the greenery in her floral dress.

4.) Textures are prints too!  A print doesn't always have to be bright and floral to count.  It can also be a texture like lace.  In these two pictures below I take a lace or eyelet-like dress and a bold printed bag and shoe.  The print mix is definitely less bold as in other mixes I have done but this too is a good place to start, and again it ties back into tip 1use your accessories.

5.) There is no such thing as too many prints.  I honestly believe this.  I think the key here is to keep the look cohesive by making sure the colors flow and that at first glance you can see how the look ties together.  In this look, I am mixing 3 very bold prints, but what you see is that the commonality is the white.  The green from the bag brings out the green in the floral print.  And the black trim brings out the black stripe in the skirt.  The look is busy but it flows naturally.  In the second photo, the stripes in the sweater bring out the stripes in the boots.  They also match the plaid on the cuff of the jacket.

I hope this little intro to mixing prints helps you take your outfits to the next level!

Amelia B.
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