Birthday Wish List

Friday, April 14, 2017

Wish List:
1.) a prime lens for my NEX $450.00-  If you are a newbie not so pro blogger like me than this camera is a must!  I love that it has a setting to connect via wifi to my phone so if I am ever missing my trusty photographer (boyfriend) I can shoot images myself.  This camera is a little less expensive than a normal DSLR but it is easy to use and has just as many features as a big bulky DSLR!  I am aiming for this lens, but would really take any prime lens to achieve those gorgeous blurry background blog photos all my favorite bloggers have!

2.) YSL lipstick in 50 Fuchsia stillt $37.00-  I am a huge YSL lipstick fan, totally worth the money and the hype.  I want a really vibrant pink shade for spring!  If I am ever going to splurge on something it would totally be a lipstick every time, I am a huge makeup junkie!

3.) James Avery Texas Necklace $460.00, silver $99.00- because TEXAS!  I really love James Avery and am literally DYING to own and have this necklace.  Fingers crossed for this gem in either silver or gold! PS-did you know they offer free cleaning on all their jewelry all the time!

4.)  Eliza J dress $158.00- ya'll this dress has been on my WANT list for a least 2 years, or however long they have made this dress.  I am excited to see it back again and cant wait to scoop this up.  It also comes in a really pretty navy color.

5.)  Steve Madden wedges $59.95- obviously this is the shoe of the season and the past two, and since I cannot afford the Chloe version I will settle for these super adorable dupes!  Birthday discount also applies here and extra $5.00 off and they are on sale for $10.00 off!

6.)  Too Faced shadow set $59.00-  Becayse you can never have too many shadows am I right?  I love this set and that it is affordable for all the shades you get!  Plus Ulta Birthday discount gets me 20% off!

7.) Asos Dress $61.00-  I am dying for this dress, the embroidered sleeve and off the shoulder look is perfect for summer and Cinco de Mayo!  Asos also offers a 10% off birthday discount whoohoo!

8.) Kendra Scott Earrings $125.00- I love her new collection.  Totally my jam, these are unique but still show her style which I love.  I cannot wait to grab these with my 50% off birthday discount!

9.) Cult Gaia bag, same style different finish $118.00-  This is a MUST have and I just got it on MAJOR SALE, however since buying and posting it has sold out AGAIN!  But don't worry I found it here for pre-order in a different stain and if you sign up you can get 10% off your first order!

My birthday is on Tuesday so what better way to end this week than with a little wish list... (hint hint).  There is still time to get me what I REALLY want!  Haha just kidding.

Anyway there are a few things on my list this year that would really make my day... I do have to confess that I ordered the Gaia bag as a special gift to myself, I found it on sale and since it seems to be the "IT" bag I couldn't resist!

Happy Good Friday everyone, I hope you have a great Easter!

Amelia B.

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