Monday, August 11, 2014

Very rarely do I see something that I think; I HAVE TO HAVE THIS.  There are a million things that I think OH I need that, only to realize that nope I do not need that.  A few months ago I got the Anthropologie catalogue in the mail, and in it was this blue and white dress.  It was totally me, In my mind I had to have it, but I figured at almost $200.00 I could live without it.

I kept watching it to go on sale, but it never did.  Finally I went into the store to try it on (my first mistake) it fit so amazingly and had me swooning again.  I noticed though that the buttons on the back were missing, and naturally it was the only one in my size.  I asked the sales associate if they had any more and  as my luck would have it she replied NO, and they wouldn't be getting anymore in.  She must have noticed my sadness and said she could discount this one for me since it was damaged.  Heck yes you can!!!  I can easily fix this and sew on some new buttons!  Once again the stars aligned and I got another dream dress for the closet on sale.

Have you ever had something you so desperately wanted that you caved and bought it? Would love to hear your story?!

Outfit Deets:

Dress: Anthropologie
Shoes: Target
Bag: Tory Burch
Bracelets: See previous post

Love Always,
Amelia B.

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