5 tips to shopping online

Thursday, June 14, 2018

It is no secret I am an avid online shopper, what I like most is that if I find something I want, I can usually search the web for the lowest price.  So today I am going to give you five of my tips on shopping sales and getting the best deals!

1.)  Navigating High-end retailers- Some of you may know that Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf, CUSP, and Last call are all the same company.  And what I have found is that if I am searching for something on one of these sites it is CRUCIAL to check their sister sites.  Perfect example this super cute Milly dress.  As I was about to add to cart, I decided to check the competitors, what I found was this dress was listed for 3 different prices on 3/4 of their websites (and this is the same company people)!  Obviously, I am going to go for the $100.00 option which makes this dress (still on the racks at Neiman's) 81% off and if you sign up for shoprunner (free) you get free 2-day shipping!

2.) ASOS- This little secret was found by my fiance so he totally earns brownie points!  ASOS has several different sites, and being that they are located in the UK I typically shop the US site.  Well not anymore!  If you have a credit/debit card that has no foreign currency exchange rate charges this will be your new go to, to save a little extra!  I added this super cute sundress to my cart but for $228.00 USD.  Now if I go to the UK ASOS it is listed for 145£ do a little conversion and that's $194.13 USD a total savings of $33.87.  Again not a huge saving but why pay more when you don't have to?  But again this only works if you have a card that waives the conversion fees!  And yes they ship to the US from the UK site!

3.) Add to Cart-  I probably have 5 million sitting shopping carts all over the interweb with little wants and needs in them.  What I have come to find is that some websites will monitor their abandon checkout and send me a sweet little discount code to get me to make a purchase.  Milly is my favorite for this!  I am working on a list of companies I have found do this and will update you later.  If you have any to share let me know in the comments!

4.) Shop it to me- This App is an amazing tool if you're not one to shop around for the best price.  When you sign up for the App you select the brands you like and your sizes.  The app then will email or alert you to all the sales happening that meet the criteria you selected.  It is an amazing resource that I use daily to help me find the best deals and steals, you can even like items and if it happens to have a price drop you will get an alert that an item you liked has dropped in price.  Sometimes the deals are so good they show available but aren't so act fast.  Use this link to sign up!

5.) Discount Retailers-  I have mentioned this one time and time again, visit retailers like TJ Maxx, Last Call, Off Fifth, etc. because sometimes they will have current items heavily discounted.  Perfect example the super cute Donna Morgan dress I bought for Under 70.00 that was still full priced at over $150.00 at Anthropologie.  I was shocked and I have found several items like this by checking discounted retailers.  Now, this method will make you have to search a little, but it is well worth the savings to me!

I hope these little tips help you get some great online discounts, let me know if you have any other fun secrets to share!

Amelia B.

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