Dillard's Sale

Friday, July 28, 2017

It comes as no secret that I love a good sale.  I know right now everyone is talking about the Nordstrom sale but there are some even better deals to be had elsewhere.  One of my favorite places
to find a killer steal is Dillard's.  Not only do they have trendy clothing but they also have some great prices.

Technically we are almost out of summer and heading straight into fall, but if you live in the south (especially Texas) you know that we still have a few more months of warm temperatures.  So today I am sharing with you my favorite items that are part of the clearance sale!  *** Side note almost always the in store prices are better than online, but if you do not happen to live close to a physical store online is still a good bet!

So what items do I currently LOVE?

From left to right

1.) Trina Turk Swimsuit $58.80 (58% off): love the cross bar detailing at the neckline/bust.  A few seasons ago TT came out with a jumpsuit that had a similar neckline that I didn't get.  This super chic suite reminds me of it, plus how classy/sexy is this piece?

2.) Kate spade tassel wedges $126.42 (49% off):  I did buy these but inshore.. I sized up 1/2 a size and I am literally wearing them as I type this.  Again I bought these in store and they were marked down to $90.00 and then 30% off that so MUCH better priced!

3.) Eliza J Maxi Dress $93.45 (48% off):  this dress has been on my MUST HAVE list for ages... even thought this isn't the best discount I went ahead and ordered it because I think it will be perfect for work and to transition into fall by adding a jacket or cute blazer!

4.) Trina Turk Earrings $32.76 (58% off):  Obsessed with these earrings!  Unfortunately I wasn't able to get them due to my "budget" but I think they are a great piece to have in your jewelry arsenal.  They can really dress up a look but are still simple enough for everyday.

5.) Sam Edelman Cross Body Bag (SOLD OUT) $59.40:  This bag sold out before I could snag it (AHHH) but what I loved about it was how similar it was to the Rebecca Minkoff bags but had that super cute chain detail.  Check your stores it might still be available.

6.)  Kate Spade Glitter Heels $80.36 (75% off):  Y'all these are EVERYTHING!  It was a toss up between these and the Cactus wedges... but since I am on a cactus kick I had to skip these.  But how cute would they be for the holiday season or for a night out?

7.)  Pool Floats Cactus $25.20 and Flamingo $29.40 (58% off):  Both of these are a must for the pool... and to be honest I don't see this trend fading out anytime soon.  Snag one now while they are on sale to save for next year.  (I was able to snag these in store for around $15 to $20 a piece)  They also have swans, pineapples, and other cute shapes!

Happy Hunting!  Remember this sale ends Saturday, let me know in the comments what things you got if you shop the sale!

Amelia B.

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