beauty must have's

Monday, October 17, 2016

beauty must have's

Mondays post is A.) late to the blog and B.) kinda long and not my normal post but I have had a lot of people asking about my beauty routine.  Now I am probably the furthest thing from a makeup expert,
I would definitely consider myself a makeup and beauty product HOARDER.. I feel like I need to try ALL the products and I guess that is how I have found my every day routine that works for me!

If you have followed me for a while then you know that I have oily acne prone skin.  It has definetlty gotten better overtime but every now and again I get a day where things aren't going my way.  So to combat the excess oil and the random breakout I compiled a list of my favorites for beautiful almost flawless skin!

Night time cleansing/ moisturizing :

For removing my makeup I swear by the 1.) Hard Night Good Morning P.M. Oil cleanser.  I recently started using this and I am obsessed.  Not only can you use it as a makeup remover by just putting on your skin, but once you have massaged your face you can add water to it and it turns into a slight lather.  It really does a great job of getting off all my eye and face makeup! (I do work for this company but I seriously bought this to use and it's AMAZING!!  plus its natural)

Once I have cleansed my face I make sure to apply my eye cream.  I use this 2.) Hard Night Good Morning cream twice a day and I love it!  Seriously it makes my under eyes a little less puffy and lighter! I also really love this brands nighttime moisturizer it is a godsend for combating my dry patches.

For the morning I always use the HNGM daytime cleanser and the serum.  I love that all these products are natural and cruelty free.  I really do try and purchase products that do not harm animals with their testing or production.

Makeup Time:

I don't always use a primer but if I do I either use Becca's ever matte pore less priming perfecter or HNGM serum-it doubles as a primer which I love.  Next I apply my 3.) Estee Lauder foundation with a damp 15.) beauty blender- I wear shades Ivory Beige or Wheat.  I allow that to set and then move onto my eyes.

For eyeshadows I use my 14.) Tarte eyeshadow palette, I like the matte colors and the tones.  I use my mermaid brushes from 6.) Spectrum Collection for application.  What I love most about their brushes is that they are cruelty free and vegan!  Plus hello!!!! pretty to look at!

I then tight line my eyes with my trusty 9.) Rimmel Eyeliner and create a winged look with this 10.) L'Oreal liquid liner!

Next I use the 12.) Maybelline under eye concealer which is AMAZING (if you only try one product from this list you must try this one)!  I use the neutralizer color for under the eye and highlighting.  I set that with the 7.) NYX powder in Banana.

Next I contour my cheeks and face with the 4.) Tarte contour palette, I use my angled 6.) Spectrum brush for this and it works perfectly.  I add my 17.) Tarte blush in Captivating to my cheeks and highlight with 16.) Becca's highlighter in moonstone (I also love Champagne pop).

Finishing Touches

I finish the look by filling in my brows with the 5.) L'Oreal Brow stylist in Dark/Medium!  I honestly love this product it reminds me of the one from Benefit but much more cost effective.  Add Mascara, I am currently crushing on this 8.) drugstore version for an easy application great for everyday.  I set everything with my 13.) Urban Decay setting spray (another one of my can't live without products) and apply my favorite 11.) revlon matte lip color in intensity!  I love this lip product because it's matte and it doesn't dry out my lips like a lot of matte products.

So I hope that you find this helpful. I would love to know what products you are currently loving!  Or if there are any products you would recommend to try!

Happy Monday All!

Amelia B.


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