Ladies In Lajitas

Monday, June 6, 2016

Ladies In Lajitas AKA the Get It Girls

I am finally getting around to posting about one of the BEST trips I have ever been on.  Not only was it relaxing but I got to spend a long weekend with some of my favorite friends in a beautiful resort
located in Big Bend.  This resort known as Lajitas Golf Resort is nestled right on the Texas/Mexico boarder surrounded by stunning views and Texas Mountains.  Although you might not think this is a perfect place for a girls trip, let me tell you this resort has something for everyone.

What I love most about this resort besides the stunning views, is that they really go above and beyond to make your stay great.  From the private charter jet that leaves right out of Love Field to the hospitality at the resort, they really go above and beyond to make your stay great.
The girls

This trip was my second trip out there and it was just as great of an experience as the first time.  We boarded the plan had a few cocktails and in less than and hour and a half we were landing in what seemed like another state.  We were greeted with snacks and beverages while we were whisked away to the resort- no need to worry about the luggage they have that under control.

Once there we checked in and headed to "The Thirsty Goat" the bar on site for some drinks and grub.  I have never had a bad meal, but I do have to recommend the Rio Rita and Scotty's Chicken Fried Steak!
because when on vacation you get it!

Outisde the Candelilla Cafe 

After that we loaded up and headed down to the Pro shop to rent some golf carts to tour the course.  Now if you are not a huge golfer I highly recommend the $50.00 cart rental to drive the course. Grab you a few drinks and relax with stunning views that are sure to blow your mind.  I am not the best golfer in the world, but given the chance I HAD to take my turn at hitting my ball into Mexico... how many people can say they drove a ball across the Rio...okay probably a lot but hey it sounds super cool!

Someone really should have told me that my dress clearly shrunk and was NO Longer appropriate.... oh well

After that we freshened up and ended back at the Thirsty Goat.  At night they have a live band, so it's the perfect spot to have some more drinks and enjoy the evening.
Side note: The picture behind us is of a topless woman letting her girls just hang out!  Legend has it she lives in the neighboring town!

Saturday was when we had a few plans.  We woke up bright and early to a rather chilly morning, but nothing could deter "the get it girl' crew as we were about to head up to Quiet Canyon for a little Zip lining.  After our fittings in our new gear we loaded up and headed into the canyon for an experience I won't ever forget.  I'm not going to lie, I was a little nervous.  The steep angles and bottomless canyons gave me a fright, but after talking to the staff and feeling safe in their hands I was ready to go.  If you only do one thing in Lajitas GO ZIP LINING it is totally worth it.  At the time of our visit only a few runs were open, so I must go back and finish them all.

about to get started!

Dinner at the Goat

Since the afternoon was a bit gloomy we drove into Terlingua and toured the old church, and then again headed into the Thirsty goat for some dinner and music.  The bonfire outside was the perfect place to view the stars and talk with other guests.

Sunday was our last day, we had breakfast in the Candellia and then headed straight to the gun range for our hand at the combat shoot.  There is nothing more exciting than kicking down doors to rescue a hostage while carrying around and AR-15!  I am not a total gun fanatic, but this shoot as well as the cowboy action shoot were so fun, the instructor made me feel super comfortable and he walked us through it making sure we were being safe at all times!

Don't mess with these Texas Ladies

We had lunch a few last minute drinks and headed back to the shuttle to end our amazing trip and head back to reality.  I was sad to see the weekend end, but I know that I will be back one day, even if just for a day!

I feel like our weekend was jammed packed, and I didn't even touch on all of the activities they had.  Not only do they have golf, shooting, the zip line, but you can also go on horse back rides- I hear the starlight ride is a MUST DO, rent a jeep, head to the SPA for some "you" time, tour big bend, or catch a movie at the theater.  Try heading into the general store for those essentials you might have forgotten, or to visit the Mayor who also happens to be a goat.  In the summer you can get some relief from that Texas heat by enjoying the pool.

Lajitas will always have a place in my heart and I will always remember our Ladies in Lajitas trip!  We shared so many laughs and made a ton of memories, plus we made tons of new friends!  So if you are looking for a great vacation for the guys, family, the girls, or even just a nice romantic getaway I highly recommend this resort.  They honestly have something for everyone.

A huge thanks to Scott Beasly and the entire Lajitas Crew for making us feel welcomed and giving us an experience we will never forget!

Happy Monday!

Amelia B.

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