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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Is anyone else obsessed with the pom pom/tassel trend that seems to be the perfect outfit accent for
summer?  I know that I cannot get enough of it, but sadly a lot of the super cute things I LOVE are a little bit out of my budget. So when I was at work one day this super cute tassel dress (use code Amelia10 for 10 % off) came in.  I couldn't wait to call it mine, but after a quick try on I realized that it was a LOT too short for me.

So that got me thinking... what if I found a dress that I liked and embellished it myself... Que the light bulb above my head  Now for this super easy semi-home-made sewing project.  I opted for an inexpensive dress, like this one from OldNavy that is currently on Major sale, I also got this one and will be going back for this one!

Once I had my dresses it was time for a trip to Joann's for some trim.  Since my black and white dress was so simple I wanted to throw in a pop of color so I opted for the multi colored pom pom trim.  I also picked up some small pink pom trim to line the bodice part.

All in all this project took me about an hour and was relatively easy to complete.  Below is a detailed tutorial on how I did it and what you would need!  Happy Crafting.

Cute dress: Here is mine (in store it was cheaper $15.00) or recycle one you haven't worn in awhile.
Pom Pom trim for the skirt: 3 1/2 yards, I purchased a size medium dress so you might need a little extra trim if your dress is a size or two bigger than that or less if you have a smaller size.  Also my trim is from Joann Fabric but I couldn't find it online, this is very similar.
(optional) trim for the neckline: I bought a spool but only used about 1-1 1/2 feet.
Straight Pins
Sewing Machine

***All my supplies were purchased at Joann's unless it was something I already had.  Don't forget to use your coupons to save yourself some money (the multicolored trim is a little expensive so 40% off is a great help)!

Step 1
Purchase all your supplies

Step 2
take your trim starting at the corner seam and start pinning it into place.  I placed mine on the under side of the skirt but you could also put it on the outside for another POP of color.  I pinned mine every 2 inches OR every other opening in the trim.  Continue this until you make it all the way around the skirt.  Cut off any excess.

Step 3
Using a coordinating thread to your project start sewing along the hem of the skirt, I used a zig zag stitch but looking back a straight stitch would have worked just fine and been less noticeable- I also should have used black but I was LAZY and didn't want to change my bobin.  I also chose to let a little bit of the pink of the trim stick out so the poms hung down lower.

**If you do not have a sewing machine I would recommend using some hemming tape to adhere it to the skirt and then try and hand stitch it to keep it in place.  This might take some time but would work just as well.

Step 4
cut off any excess thread making sure the trim is sewn to the skirt and secured.

Step 5
Pin the small trim to the top of the bust, I broke mine up into 3 sections starting from the zipper to the strap, then the strap to the other strap, and last the strap to the under arm seam.  This made it easier to sew since the trim is small and somewhat hard to control.

Step 6
Sew it into place- I recommend going slow to keep from messing up and to ensure you have a nice seam- unlike mine.  Cut all loose threads and you are done!

I love how cute this DIY is, not only is it easy but it's budget friendly if you use your coupons right.  After calculating my total my Dress ended up costing me around $36.00 all said and done- but you have to keep in mind that my multicolored trim was much more expensive than the single colored.  I was able to use my 40% off coupon on top of a 25% off for the different trim which helped lower the price!  I am going to make the palm print dress next with the pink trim and I was able to make it for $26.00 including the dress!

Outfit details: Dress: OldNavy // Belt: Ada // Sandals: Target (old), similar  // Necklace: Amelia Blake Design //

I hope you enjoyed this DIY as much as I did, Happy Crafting.

Amelia B.

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