kaleidoscope dress

Friday, July 17, 2015

Ok, first I want to apologize for the picture quality... not my best and not Ryan's fault.  The sun was out in full force and in every photo I'm making weird wincy faces or standing behind this tiny tree.  But I really wanted to share this dress that I have had forever and a day, because lets be honest it's really colorful like everything else I own.

I found this little number at TJ Maxx last year and didn't buy it on trip one to TJs.  I regretted that decision for at least 2 months until we met again amongst the clearance rack (and can I point out that NEVER happens).  Lucky for me it was my size and I didn't have to think twice about buying it, plus it was 20.00!  I am really loving how this necklace pops against it too!  Now if only I would have thought about the shoe choice a little more... but I was feeling lazy and running super late so bad shoe decision it was, at least they sort of match one of the colors in this kaleidoscope dress!

I hope that everyone has a great weekend!  Happy Friday!

Amelia B.

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