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Friday, May 29, 2015

Dylan and Kristina

The Newlyweds!

The beautiful bride!  and can we talk about this amazing dress

Hi guys, Kristina here!

Im so excited Amelia suggested that I guest blog this week!  As you know from her previous post, she and I went to Fort Lauderdale earlier this month for a fun-filled Bachelorette weekend in celebration our mutual friend, Jordan.  Well, this past Sunday was the big day - the wedding!  Lucky for me, Amelia lives only half an hour away from the wedding venue Jordan chose.  So, upon receiving the invitation, I immediately called Amelia and requested to stay in her cutest-of-cutestguest rooms!  Being the bestie she is, she graciously agreed.

My husband, Dylan, and I got into Dallas on Sunday around noon and, having foregone our usual travel breakfast of Whataburger, we were starving!  Thank goodness Ryan came to the rescue by proposing lunch at Torchys Tacos.  If you havent been to Torchys, youre missing out.  These tacos are amazing, but the names are even better!  I dont know if youre like this, but I like things so much more when they have interesting names.  Exhibit A:  Nail Polish.  You pick up a gray nail polish at the store.  Its pretty.  But, then, you read the bottom, and its called French Quarter for Your Thoughts.  Now, its going in the cart!  You totally understand, right?  Haha.  Well, Torchys originated in Austin and, because of its proximity to the Capitol, many of the tacos have political names.  When you go, if youre really hungry, you can order The Democrat, The Republican, and The Independent in a single trip!

After a light lunch. (Wait. Who am I kidding?)  After we stuffed our faces, we split up - as we usually do: girls and guys.  Us girls went shopping and the guys went back to the house to play video games.  Amelia stuck to her guns and did not buy anything that would jeopardize her no clothes, handbags, shoes, or accessories streak.  However, we went to Target, and she found some returned Lilly Pulitzer lounge chairs!  Not going to lie, loading these in her 2-door car was a bit of a strugglebut well worth it!  After Target, we hit TJ Maxx and Ulta.  And, yes, I have these stores in The Woodlands.  But, Amelia is not in The Woodlands, and shopping with her is what its all about!

The wedding.  Despite the torrential downpours and thunderstorms Texas has been privy to recently, the weather held out!  The ceremony was held in a chapel encased with windows; these windows displayed the trees and other surrounding greenery.  There were minimal decorations, as the natural light and foliage were gorgeous themselves!  It was just beautiful.  The reception was a blast too.  Like our Photo Booth pics?

Lets talk about our dresses.  Eliza J knows what shes doing.  Youve probably seen Amelia in one or two - or twenty - dresses by this designer.  The feminine prints and the fit-and-flare shapes are so flattering!  I had been eyeing the dress I wore forI dont knowmaybe 6 months or so.  Although shes not shopping, Amelia still loves perusing sites to find deals for others!  Its her thing.  Im glad this is her thing!  She notified me of every Dillards sale and extra percentage off and, finally, I was able to snag this dress for 65% off!  To celebrate, we opted to wear our Eliza J dresses together to the wedding.  Want to know the best thing about these dresses?  Pockets.

Kristina's Dress: (no longer available) similar // Amelia's Dress: Eliza J

I could go on and on, but its late and I need sleep.  Thank you all for allowing me to guest post!  Til next time, blogger bees!

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