Fashion Tip: Hourglass Illusion

Monday, January 30, 2017

I thrifted this bag from a Facebook yard sale for $20!!

//Sweater: Similar // skirt: Liz and Honey // shoes: Manolo Blahnik, Similar // Purse: GiGi NewYork, same style // Ring Stack: C/O James Avery //

One of the things I learned from being a personal stylist was that you can trick anyone into thinking you have the perfect hourglass figure if you dress your body right.  So todays post I am going to show you an easy way to achieve that 'ideal look" while not changing anything about yourself!

The key to an hourglass shape is making your waist look like the smallest part of your body.  An easy way that I like to achieve this is by wearing a flared skirt like this one from Liz and Honey.  Another reason I LOVE flare skirts is that they hide the tummy so if you don't have a flat 6-pack going on no one will notice!
The fitted top of the skirt mixed with the loose top gives you an instant cinched in waist!

Also these Manolo heels were thrifted from ThredUp!  I got them for under $50.00 and they were brand new!

Next I want a top that I can tuck into the skirt.  I chose this sweater that is a little oversized but isn't too bulky to tuck in.  The reason I chose this sweater was to give me a little bit of bulk so that my shirt looks slouchy.  That way when it's tucked in you really see the emphasis on the smallness of my waist.

I styled the sweater by pulling it off one shoulder and cuffing up the sleeves.  Now I have the perfect fit and flare look while obtaining an hourglass shape!

Another great plus about flared skirts is they hide your hip/thigh area which for me is my least favorite part of my body. I still get to showcase my lower leg area which is smaller giving the illusion of thinner legs!

Amelia B.

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