Day 5: Lemon Spots

Friday, August 5, 2016

One work week in the books for my style challenge of a dress a day for 31 days.  At first glance this
might not look like a dress but it is!

I found this dress on clearance at Banana Republic a few years ago, unfortunately it was a larger size and just a bit to big, but nothing a few alterations couldn't fix.  Fast forward to today and this dress still remains un-altered, yep I am lazy when it comes to alterations.

So for todays style challenge I layered a polkadot top from Zara over it, being careful to roll up the bottom half to my waist and then tucking it into my wrap belt.  Instantly I have the look of a skirt and top without actually wearing a skirt!  Once I get this dress fitted properly I will give it life by layering this top or a button down underneath it, perfect for layering in the fall or winter!

Use this tip to help give your super summery dresses life in the cooler months!  Happiest of Fridays!!

Since most of these items in this picture are old I didn't link this post, but if you would like to recreate this look let me know in the comments and I can hunt down some look-a-likes for you!

Amelia B.

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